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Are you wondering if you should take a leap of faith and invest in a luxury apartment for your family? Have you considered settling down in gorgeous Bangalore, one of India’s booming cosmopolitan centres? If so, you are making an excellent decision! There are so many aspects to Bangalore that make it a wonderful place to live and thrive. Here are some reasons why your investment in luxury property in Bangalore will continue to delight you and your family for generations to come:

1. Bangalore Is At The Forefront Of Tech Innovation

Known as India’s Silicon Valley and the start-up capital of India, Bangalore is buzzing with potential. The Bangalore Innovation Report of 2019 dubbed it one of the fastest growing cities in the world! Bangalore is a hotbed of employment opportunities, as it is home to many branches of multinational corporations including Microsoft, Sony and Amazon. Birthplace of startups like Flipkart and Swiggy, Bangalore is entrepreneur-friendly and innovative. In India’s third most populous city, you will never have to worry about an oversaturated market. As Bangalore grows and develops, new and exciting real estate properties are springing up world-class homes with excellent value for your money. Bangalore is both an exciting place to live, and a solid, intelligent investment opportunity. 

2. The Garden City: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Bangalore’s renowned gentle climate, native flora and fauna and lush vegetation have earned it a reputation as a green paradise, home to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Cubbon Park and Lumbini Gardens. To preserve its famed green spaces amidst rapid modernisation, developers like MAIA Estates have ensured that each Luxury Property Development incorporates greenery vertically, keeping the air fresh and oxygen-rich. Ancient rain trees and foliage are preserved and protected on MAIA properties so that generations to come can experience the same verdant city we all know and love. It is possible to live in the heart of the city and still enjoy beautiful natural surroundings!

3. Bangalore’s Millennials Are Investing in Homes Now!

According to The News Minute, the IT crowd has been gravitating towards buying luxury property in India’s Silicon Valley. A survey by Anarack Property Consultants indicates that young adults and millennials form a huge market for real estate. This phenomenon is credited to their common desire for solid investment, possibilities for the creation of passive income, and the security and stability of home ownership. Due to the current economic climate resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, loan financing costs are much lower than they usually are, making it an ideal time to become a property owner. The season for lining others’ pockets with your rental payments is over! Join the ranks of entrepreneurs and professionals who own their own homes, and be in control of your life. 

4. Luxury Apartments in Bangalore Offer Plentiful Amenities 

Today’s professionals know that work-life balance is the key to contentment and success, and Bangalore’s latest developments are built to help you live your best life. Luxury Property Developments by MAIA Estates offer thoughtful amenities like

  • Temperature-controlled pools with poolside bars
  • Fruit, vegetable and herb gardens
  • Video game, book and board game lounges
  • Golf, tennis, and cricket facilities
  • Indoor gyms, yoga decks and vitality spas

You work hard and deserve to let loose and relax. Take up a new hobby or develop your athletic prowess, all without leaving the comfort of home. Your wellbeing matters, and with these amenities, you can be sure that your mind, body and soul will be refreshed every day. 

5. Luxury Projects in Bangalore Are Redefining Community

Although modern neighbourhoods look different than they used to, MAIA knows that community still matters — maybe more than ever! Built to foster family and friendship, each development offers opportunities for connection with your loved ones and neighbours, like shared herb gardens and study spaces. Meet a friend at the on-site cafe, go for a swim with the kids or hit the walking trails with your spouse and pup. With facilities built specifically to fuel the imagination and create fun, enriching, and bonding experiences, MAIA creates spaces where both adults and children can thrive. 

6. Bangalore Offers A Cosmopolitan Life You Can Maintain

Your dream pace can sometimes feel out of reach — but it is possible! You don’t have to wait until you retire to enjoy the good life. MAIA’s Luxury Projects in Bangalore give you proximity to great shopping, tasty cuisine and every form of entertainment you can imagine. Watch the teams you love battle it out in the stadiums, catch the latest blockbuster film, and send your children to the best schools and universities in the country.  Bangalore is a fun place to be for all ages with attractions like Bannerghatta National Park and Wonderla, India’s best water park. With remarkable international and domestic connectivity, you can enjoy easy access by air and land to business travel and vacation destinations like Goa, Munnar and Ooty. The life you want is well within your reach.

7. Bangalore’s Luxury Apartments Are Preserving The Planet’s Health

Caring for the planet is a priority — we all want to do our part! The city of Bangalore is a leader in working towards a greener city and nation. With initiatives like “Beautiful Bengaluru”, citizens are working towards goals like zero waste and litter, saving water, trees and energy, and reducing traffic congestion. The city added 300 new electric buses in 2020. It is good to know you live somewhere where people care. Real estate developers like  MAIA are thinking ahead to ensure their net environmental impact is positive. MAIA is a leader in developing and implementing the latest ecotrends, from their low waste construction process to their emphasis on renewable resources, they have achieved:

  • Zero Water & Sewage Discharge
  • Organic Waste Conversion
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Over 90% Open Space
  • Environmentally Recharging Habitat
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

MAIA’s 27 Summit recently won an Asia Pacific Property Award for its sustainable residential development. Live life in Bangalore’s luxury apartments with confidence, knowing your way of life is enriching the world around you. 

You are responsible, you are driven, and you are family-oriented. You want to give your loved ones everything they dream of and deserve while respecting your surroundings and connecting with the people around you. You want to give your precious time to the people and things you love without having to waste it on an agonizing daily commute to work. If these are familiar sentiments to you, owning one of MAIA Estates’ luxury highrise apartments will certainly help fulfil these dreams. Forward-thinking people from all over the country (and the world!) are choosing to settle in this multi-lingual, multicultural metropolis. Your choice to invest in a luxury apartment in Bangalore is a decision you will celebrate for the rest of your life.