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Construction week: What every millennial should consider


Millennials are increasingly looking toward alternative avenues to secure their financial future, beyond just traditional sources of investment. One such avenue that has piqued the interest of this generation is real estate. However, successful real estate investment requires several critical considerations. Here are the top five points to look out for, while investing in luxury real estate that cater specifically to the millennial mindset.

Developer’s reputation

Beyond the development itself, millennials must carefully assess the real estate developers behind the project. A thorough background check on the developer’s track record, reputation, and financial stability is imperative. Developers with a proven history of consistently delivering high-quality establishments within scheduled timelines are better positioned to provide a secure and potentially rewarding investment opportunity.

Genuine luxury is essential

The term ‘luxury’ is frequently overused and often misused in the real estate sector. Millennials should recognise that true luxury goes beyond surface-level aesthetics. When considering investments in luxury real estate, it is advisable to prioritise recently developed properties. This preference is grounded in the fact that technology, construction methods, and design trends continually advance.

To ascertain whether a property genuinely aligns with luxury standards, prospective buyers should evaluate various aspects. These encompass top-tier finishes, contemporary design elements, cutting-edge technological features, state-of-the-art amenities, and adaptability to meet future needs.


Prospective millennial homebuyers are keen on investments that combine convenience with future resale or rental potential. Areas offering convenience, connectivity, essential amenities, schools, healthcare, and a vibrant social infrastructure are some of the factors that draw high returns. Analysing market trends inform wise investments and property appreciation. For those considering emerging neighbourhoods, a 3-to-5-year horizon allows for market evolution and potential returns, timing is key.

Features & amenities enhance value

Millennials should meticulously evaluate the additional value a property provides. Luxury real estate includes an array of features and amenities, including rooftop infinity pools, spa facilities, well-equipped gyms, versatile multipurpose courts, and spacious lawns. This serves as a testament to the developer’s unwavering commitment to crafting residences that epitomise an elevated lifestyle while placing a strong emphasis on the well-being of all those who call it home.

Legal adherence

Navigating and thoroughly following the legalities is crucial, while purchasing a luxury property in India. Millennials must ensure the property is compliant with local regulations, approvals, and clearances. Diligently scrutinise ownership documents, property tax receipts, and sale deeds to ensure a safe and legally sound transaction.

Millennials can make wise investments in the luxury real estate segment by adopting a strategic approach. Prioritizing location, verifying developer credentials, defining authentic luxury, evaluating amenities scientifically, and maintaining strict legal adherence are vital for a successful and potentially profitable venture in this dynamic market.

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May 27, 2024