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News 18: Designing functional interiors with an aesthetical appeal


The perfect blend of art, craft, and utility makes a commercial and a residential space holistic. While designing interiors it is important to keep in mind the balance between beauty and utility. “Large windows, high ceilings, neutral toned wall panels, wooden architraves and functionality in its fullest form, a space should merge progressive design with elegant aesthetics. From the moment you enter, you should feel the vastness and scale of the space with abundant natural lighting entering through the windows and glass façades,” says Mayank Ruia, Founder and CEO, MAIA Estates. Each room should be intentionally designed to offer a sense of endlessness, with smart nooks that double up as storage units. Form and function should go hand in hand, without one the other can’t serve its purpose.

When it comes to commercial space, functionality of design hold importance too. Kunal Sharma, Founder & CEO, Flipspaces shares some ways to ensure design meets functionality.

Design with A Purpose in Mind

You can never add utility to your designs if the purpose behind them is not clear. Irrespective of the type of commercial space you are designing, be well-versed with its purpose. Understand why that space is important, whom it is built for, what value it will add after being designed, and the objectives of your client.

This will provide you with a sense of direction and help you make important design choices, such as coming up with the colour scheme for the interiors, building a coherent theme for the entire property

Keep Future Customizations in Mind

More than function, the form of interior design is highly dynamic and may change frequently over time. As you design commercial interiors, it is advisable to keep all future customizations in mind. Apart from objects like ceilings and walls, you can always be fluid about the design, allowing it to be customized in the future according to the needs and preferences of your client. While having a solid base is necessary, catering to the ever-changing and ever-evolving design needs is equally important.

Add Value Through Functional Designs

As you design commercial interiors, always make sure that you add value to the space allotted to you. While the computers on the desks and the pictures on the boards can be changed, aspects like desk alignment, lighting, and spatial planning cannot be altered. It is these aspects that add value to functional designs.

As you merge function with form, do so with the intention of adding to the present and future value of the property you design. This will not only provide a conducive space for staff, guests, and customers who frequent the space now but also increase the value of the property as compared to when it was originally bought.

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November 29, 2022