ET Now Exclusive: What Unique Design Elements Set Luxury Residential Spaces Apart from Other Offerings, Explains Mayank Ruia, Founder-CEO, MAIA Estates

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ET Now Exclusive: What unique design elements set luxury residential spaces apart from other offerings, explains Mayank Ruia, Founder-CEO, MAIA Estates


The company’s first development in the luxury residential space, launched in 2018 has been sold out and delivered in 2021, seeing a significant price appreciation since.
Amidst unpredictable climatic conditions and the rapid depletion of natural resources, MAIA’s approach is ‘to see change, we must change’. (Image: MAIA Estates/ET Now News)

MAIA has seen significant growth over the last seven years, growing to an organization of 120+ professionals. The company’s first development in the luxury residential space, launched in 2018 has been sold out and delivered in 2021, seeing a significant price appreciation since. In an exclusive interview with, Mayank Ruia, Founder and CEO of MAIA Estates spoke on sustainability, luxury residential projects and more.

1. How does MAIA Estates define “high-value living” in the context of its residential projects?

At MAIA, we practice the principles of meticulous planning, attention to detail, transparency, and conscious development. It is these values that are our driving forces, right from concept to delivery. Applying an unwavering focus on quality and value, we design and develop from a homeowner’s perspective.

Integrating mindfully designed spaces, tasteful interiors, and world-class amenities, we provide our residents a complete lifestyle. Care for our customers goes beyond the delivery of a beautiful home – we consider it a privilege to ensure our residents settle and continue life, seamlessly.

Through sustainability and careful forethought, our developments are designed to be future-ready. We endeavor to create developments that offer longevity and durability, whilst protecting and bettering the intrinsic beauty of the land they are built on and the surrounding environment. At MAIA, high-value living encapsulates a synergy of elements meticulously crafted to enrich the quality of our residents’ lives.

2. How does sustainability play a role in MAIA’s real estate developments, and what specific initiatives or features are incorporated?

For us sustainability is practiced through lifestyle, apart from materials and technology. It is the commitment to harmonizing human habitats with the natural world. Our approach involves the seamless integration of environmentally friendly practices to mitigate our ecological footprint.

Amidst unpredictable climatic conditions and the rapid depletion of natural resources, MAIA’s approach is ‘to see change, we must change’. We undertake the following initiatives and work towards ensuring that this conviction is clearly visible across all our developments:

Every tree in and around the development is transplanted to ensure minimum damage to the environment.
The entire development is planned in a way that helps to retain the existing flora and fauna.

Black and Grey Water Recycling is done to ensure that water is reused within each development and thereby reducing wastage drastically.

Low Flow Fixtures and Flushes are used that consume up to 50% less water.

Centralized Water Heating eliminates the need for individual geysers, reducing heating requirements.

We install Solar Panels that help power all interior common amenities.

The use of LED lights with occupancy sensors in all common areas, ensures electricity is efficiently utilized.

EV-supportive architecture helps encourage residents to switch to cleaner fuels.

Waste segregation is made easy at source by using colour-coded dustbins to encourage residents to responsibly segregate all waste. Further, we ensure all organic waste is converted on site.

The use of cutting-edge sustainable construction techniques help decrease damage and wastage due to precision in planning, and decrease water usage and the dust and debris during construction.

Using Double Glazed Performance Glass increases efficiency of HVAC systems by up to 30%, while decreasing heat gain and noise from surroundings.

This dedication aligns seamlessly with the global momentum towards environmental responsibility, positioning our developments as beacons of conscientious living in a rapidly evolving world.

3. Can you elaborate on any innovative construction or architectural techniques employed by MAIA in its projects?

Our construction team employs advanced software, integrated with all the tools necessary for effective construction and monitoring of sites. We have adopted technology to systematically record work progress weekly. Our maintained dashboards offer valuable insights, enabling effective monitoring and analysis of project progress. These technological innovations and efficient processes are a testament to our commitment to excellence and efficiency, playing a crucial role in upholding high standards in all our projects.

4. What unique design elements set MAIA’s luxury residential spaces apart from other offerings in the market?

At MAIA, we focus on pragmatic and seamless design. Our approach prioritizes not only the aesthetic appeal but also the practicality and maintenance of every space. This ensures that our developments offer both elegance and functionality, setting them apart in the market. Our commitment to streamlined construction processes further enhances the overall quality and efficiency of our properties.

5. How does the company balance luxury and sustainability in its residential developments?

We believe that luxury is not only defined by materiality and the cost thereof. We understand that luxury is defined uniquely by different customers, and our goal is to excel in delivering common denominators of luxury that resonate with all.

Optimal Use of Space: We meticulously design our spaces to maximize comfort and functionality, ensuring each area is utilized to its full potential.

Emphasis on Light and Ventilation: Our developments are strategically designed to optimize natural light and ensure proper ventilation, creating a harmonious balance between indoor comfort and a connection to the natural environment.

Climate-Responsive Materials: We select materials that are conducive to the local climate, ensuring they provide warmth in colder months and coolness in warmer periods, thus enhancing living comfort while reducing energy consumption.

Glass Façades: We incorporate advanced glass façades that minimize heat gain while maximizing natural light, striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

Sustainable Building Practices: Our focus extends to employing sustainable construction methods and integrating features like rainwater harvesting and solar panels, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly luxury.

By blending these elements, we create residential spaces that epitomize luxury while staying true to our sustainability ethos, catering to the evolving preferences of our discerning clientele.

6. How does the company ensure that its luxury residential spaces align with the preferences and lifestyles of its target demographic?

To ensure our luxury residential spaces resonate with our target demographic, we employ the following strategies:

Targeted Market Research: We engage in thorough market research to gain insights into the specific preferences, lifestyle choices, and expectations of our target audience.

Personalized Customization: We provide extensive customization options for interiors, including finishes and layouts, enabling residents to personalize their living spaces.

Advanced Technology Integration: Recognizing our tech-savvy clientele, we incorporate state-of-the-art technology, including smart home systems, advanced security features, and high-speed internet connectivity.

Lifestyle-Oriented Amenities: Our amenities are carefully chosen to reflect the lifestyles of our target demographic, ranging from luxury spas and fitness centers to heated pools and exclusive social lounges.

Sophisticated Architectural Design: We focus on architectural aesthetics that appeal to our demographic, ensuring the ambiance aligns with their refined tastes.

Commitment to Sustainable Luxury: We integrate eco-friendly features, acknowledging the growing preference for sustainable living among luxury consumers.

Collaboration with Design Experts: Our partnerships with eminent global architects and interior designers ensure innovative and luxurious living spaces.

Bespoke Services: We offer exclusive, tailored services like concierge assistance and private chefs to meet the high expectations of our clientele.

By deeply understanding and catering to our target demographic, we align our developments with the sophisticated lifestyles of our intended residents.

7. Can you discuss the specific features that define the luxury aspect of MAIA’s residential spaces?

Premium Materials: We utilize only the finest in each type of material we use, while ensuring luxury as well as ease of maintenance.

Expansive Layouts: Our developments boast generous square footage with open, meticulously planned layouts, enhancing the sense of grandeur and spaciousness.

Exclusive Amenities: Residents enjoy world-class amenities including heated pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, luxurious spa facilities, private theatres, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Sophisticated Architecture: Our architectural designs are a testament to elegance, showcasing unique aesthetics and an unwavering attention to detail.

Prime Locations: Our developments are situated in prime locations, offering breathtaking views, be it waterfront, cityscapes, or serene natural settings, enhancing the overall home-owning experience.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: We prioritize robust security and privacy, ensuring a tranquil and secure living environment for our residents.

Dedicated Concierge Services: Our exclusive concierge services provide unparalleled convenience, attending to every need of our residents.

Sustainable Luxury: Our commitment to eco-friendly living is evident in our integration of sustainable features, balancing environmental considerations with luxury.

These elements collectively define our residential spaces, transcending functionality to offer a lifestyle of sophistication, comfort, and unparalleled exclusivity.

8. How does MAIA contribute to the development of smart cities in the context of its real estate projects?

As a leading real estate developer, MAIA plays a pivotal role in advancing smart cities, both directly and indirectly:

Advanced Smart Technology Integration: Our developments are equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure to boost efficiency and connectivity.

Energy-Efficient Building Design: We focus on constructing buildings with energy-saving systems, automated climate control, and smart home solutions for an enhanced living experience.

Commitment to Sustainable Development: Our emphasis on green building practices, renewable energy, and eco-friendly designs aligns with the environmental aspirations of smart cities.

Promotion of Urban Mobility: We facilitate smart transportation solutions to encourage sustainable commuting.

Strategic Collaborations: We actively collaborate with local authorities and urban planners, ensuring our developments complement the wider smart city initiatives and infrastructural plans.

Resilience and Adaptability: Our focus extends to resilience planning, incorporating features that enhance a city’s capacity to endure and recover from environmental challenges.

These initiatives are integral to the evolution of smart cities, enhancing their sustainability, operational efficiency, and overall quality of urban living.

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January 31, 2024